Customer Experience Innovation is one of the few genuine sources of sustianable competitive differentiation.
HOW you innovate, not WHAT you innovate is the difference between break-away success and "me too" incrementalism.

Conventional thinking is that a CX innovation program is daunting.  It is perceived as long, large, expensive, risky and that it may not deliver desired outcomes in terms of revenue or profit performance.  

But the questions one must ask are

  • can we maintain our profits by just doing the things we always have done?

  • are our competitors innovating using digital strategies?

  • are they creating new customer journeys?

  • are they partnering for greater customer value?  

  • will a focus purely on product and/or price performance be enough?

  • are competitors working on product & price AND customer experience?

Do you have a framework to out innovate your competitors in Customer Experience ?
Better Every Single Time - Customer Experience Innovation Framework
Imagine if you could:
  • Deeply understand your customers expectations and neither under nor over serve those, striking the perfect balance in stakeholder outcomes 
  • Innovate your customer experience in a way your competitors simply could not replicate nor compete with 
  • Do so in a way that was self funding. You did not need to inject any additional capital 
  • Realise benefits, measurable benefits, in less than 90 days 
  • Establish an ongoing empowering approach that increased employee engagement considerably and resulted in significantly increased customer advocacy
Who are Experience Innovators?

Ross Hughes

A serial entrepreneur who has been involved in many technology start ups and technology company operations.  

With over twenty five years of management skills, Ross has extensive experience in business building and is expert in opening new markets and developing businesses in Australasia and overseas.  He has significant business contacts built over years of contact, at board level and with industry leaders.

Ross’s strategic and operational leadership encompasses Market analysis, product and service conception and development, business case and commercial contract negotiation, together with channels and market development. He has dedicated his career to introducing new products, ideas and competitive solutions to strategic business partners.

Prior to entering the information technology sector Ross was a successful merchant banker working with companies such as Australian Resources Development Bank, AIDC and Bank of Tokyo. Ross has achieved significant success in all facets of his working life based upon his work ethic of lead by example, overachievement, dedication and loyalty together with his genuine interest in building long-term business relationships.

Chris Luxford

An experienced executive with over 20 years of operational and management experience in sales, contact centres, customer experience and innovation consulting, and technology across Telco, Media, Technology and Banking & Finance throughout Australia and the APAC region.  

Immediately prior to establishing EI, Chris led a large tier 1 BPO ($190M annual revenue) as CEO.  In that role, Chris successfully re-engineered the company to increase EBITDA from $6M the year prior to taking over to $19M in under 2 years.

Chris is a passionate and innovative thought leader in business process transformation, advanced technology and organisational wide change management.  He is a futurist who sees human interaction and information sharing process and technologies as the keys to innovative differentiation of the forthcoming decade.  

Chris is incredibly passionate about change and innovation through enhancing human interaction and information sharing and the intrinsic but often overlooked massive business value these offer through using people, process and technology as the key enablers to significant market differentiation!

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